Five Tips for Brides to Help Your Wedding Day Go Smoothly

Wedding days can be stressful, and if you’ve never gone through a wedding before, it’s hard to pre-plan for what might happen. Here are five tips for brides to help your wedding day go smoothly.

1. Clean the area where you’ll be getting ready.- When a wedding photographer gets to your venue, she will want to get start photographing asap. If the place isn’t all picked up, the photos won’t be nearly as timeless. (e.g. clothes on the floor, empty Starbucks cups laying around, everything strewn across the bed.) Granted, many photographers will take the time to help pick things up and move things around to make things look tidy, but is that what you hired them for? If you don’t have time (understandably), designate a bridesmaid to keep the room clean.

2. Sit in Your Dress This may sound silly, but I had never sat in my dress before the wedding day. When the day came, and dinner came around, I could only eat 2 or 3 bites of the food. (Granted, part of that might have been stress-related as well, but the boning in the dress made it hard to sit and breathe at the same time, lol)

3. Hire a Day-of Wedding Coordinator If you planned the rest of the wedding yourself (bravo, by the way…it’s a lot of work!) PLEASE hire a day-of wedding coordinator. Otherwise, you may be the one telling people when to go down the aisle. (I speak from experience here….lol)

4. Leave some wiggle room  When you’re planning a wedding-day timeline, leave some wiggle room. Getting ready normally takes a bit longer than planned, so it’s better to have some extra time before the ceremony rather than rushing and stressing yourself out.

5. Do an engagement session before-hand If possible, work with your photographer before the wedding. Whether it’s an engagement session, a boudoir session, or whatever else, it’s important to feel comfortable with your photographer. They will be with you nearly the entire day, so knowing how he or she works, and actually liking him or her is very important.

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