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Thank you and welcome to our website. We have a huge love for photography and for weddings. So the choice to become wedding photographers became an easy one.

We love weddings that go against the norm. Weddings these days are free and less traditional and we love that whole aspect to it. So that is our wedding photography style. Untraditional. We will naturally photograph all those moments that you would expect but we encourage you to be yourselves and don’t conform to what society expect a wedding to look like. Be yourselves and have the time of your life.

So if you want to party all day and all night, that is fine with us. If you want to hike to the top of a mountain and get married, then that is fine with us also. We have no rules and no expectations. Only that we will document your wedding day is the most creative and beautiful way that we possibly can.

So if you are looking for wedding photographers that will let you do whatever you want, and you want photographers that will be like a crazy guest at your wedding, then please get in contact with us. We would love to hear from you.


Engagement Ring Advice

Tips and advice on choosing the perfect engagement ring for that special person. Advice for newly engaged couples.


Styled Wedding

Beautiful wedding here that was held in the city with a modern urban backdrop. A stunning couple that had an amazing day.

Wedding Planning

Tips for Brides for your wedding day

A few tips to ensure your wedding day goes smoothly and so you can have an amazing day.

Wedding Photography

We have recently decided to take a small break from wedding photography, gather our thoughts and see where our priorities are. The impact of the pandemic on our business has been huge as we have lost most of our work and there has been a huge financial pressure on us. W are on a rebuilding phase with our wedding photography and need to take a mental health break so we can come back fresher and more inspired.

In saying this we are going to offer headshots and commercial work going forward as that is where our background lies. If you are looking for wedding photographers then please get in contact and we can give you some names of some awesome photographers. We can happily recommend Newcastle & Hunter Valley wedding photographers Cavanagh Photography if you are having a Hunter Valley wedding and we can also recommend a number of Sydney and Melbourne wedding photographers. So just let us know where your wedding is and we can help you out.

Love is Love

Love is not measured in the gifts we get or the size of your engagement ring,

it is measure in the kissed and love you have for each other.