How much do your memories cost?

"The price of a memory is impossible to value"

Well, if you are here guys it's because you have seen our work. Now is time to explain our prices and the way we work, as you can see that we only have one pack. We think is easier to create your own budget based on the things that you really need. It's pointless to add more and more things if the only thing that you want are your photos, let's get started with the business :D

As we said before, all our packs are only one. Wood & Wolf. The pricing of this pack is 2000€(+vat). Check what is included:

  • Full day coverage of your wedding day. We'll start with the preparations and we'll stay until the party starts.
  • Between 700 and 1000 edited with all our love and ready to print.
  • We create a beautifully designed online gallery so you can see and download your photos wherever you are.
  • A wooden box with a high quality wooden usb to keep all your memories safe!
  • A 30 Pages album with the best photos of your wedding day.
  • Slide with the photos and music, specillay created to remember the highlights of your day.
Our packaging

Ok, everything you have seen it's the base of our pack. But you can add all this extras to make it even more special.

  • Pre-wedding: A shooting between 1 hour and a half and 2 hours to have an amazing shooting.  200€
  • Post wedding: If you want to be more relax in your wedding day, this is the best way to do it, a shooting in an amazing location with your wedding clothes:                                                                                                            300€
  • Second Shooter: Another photographer to get another perspective from the wedding.                300€
  • Shifting and accommodation:  This always depends how far do we have to go. We are based in Spain so if the wedding is in a different city or country we'll add the price of getting here, obviously we don't need luxuries, a cheap flight and a clean room to stay the wedding night. It's really important to have a place to rest and prepare your most important day.


If you want you have a selection of the best photos printed in a beautifully handmade album. We create a customized album with between 90 to 120 photos in high quality photographic paper.

A memory to keep with you forever.

PRICE: 450€


We know that to take the decision of who is gonna be your wedding photographer it's really tough, but we are here to make the things easier. Just below this text you have two different weddings, a religious ceremony and a civil one, a good way to see how your wedding photos can looks like. However, we always create something new, so your wedding photos won't be the same than any other one, the most important thing it's to create something unique for you.


This is without a doubt our favorite thing in the world. We'll go with you ANYWHERE in the world to tell your story. That means to take a flight and explore with us an exotic and romantic spot. Nothing can compare with the photos that you can get in a black sand beach in Iceland or the busy colorful streets of Marrakech. 

We try to create a completely new experience, a way to travel and be photograph at the same time, and you don't have to worry about carrying any cameras!. Think about any location that you've dreaming for a long time and just make it happens.

That's is included: 

  • At least two days shooting in your particular paradise. We will work together to visit the spots that you really love.
  • Between 500 & 1000 photos with the best photos of this magical experience.
  • A slide with a selection of the best moments in this elopement.
  • A wooden box with a usb and 12 prints in highly quality photographic paper. 

From 1000€